Cellulose is the most abundant material on planet Earth

It has proven its efficiency in maintaining and diversifying green life on the planet for millions of years


We produce aqueous gels of fibrillated NanoCellulose materials. It can be viewed as a highly entangled meshed network composed of nanofibrils and microfibrils. Unlike CNC(cellulose nanocrystals), they exhibit both amorphous and crystalline zones, and present a web-like structure that is normally viscous. These key properties are linked to its high specific area (significantly exceeding that of cellulose fibers) and its extensive hydrogen-bonding ability.
  • Source material: Agro based residues
  • Macro morphology: aqueous gels (solid content: 5%)
  • Base affinity: Hydrophilic
  • Zeta potential: Negative
  • Rheology behavior: Shear thinning

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Innovate now to lead by expertise in a rapidly growing bio-economy in favor of novel sustainable nanomaterials

Whether you are a researcher, a MSc student, phD candidate who is working on developing new applications that can serve the bio-economy in different fields (Biosensors, dentistry, drug delivery, packaging and composites, chemical engineering and construction materials, water treatment,,,etc), NanoCellulose based applications is recently leading many research and patent activities in these fields and more.

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NanoCellulose materials have unique properties that unveils new opportunities and resolves current challenges for their targeted applications

Low density and stronger than steel on weight basis
Large surface area that can achieve better performance at small loadings
Efficient Rheology modifier and viscosity enhancer
Sustainable substitute for synthetic raw materials

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