The three-dimensional structure of nano fibrous network helps to fill fine lines resulting in a mattifying anti-wrinkle finish.
Also, it has high water retention which is beneficial for moisturizers. Thickener, stabilizer, and improves the wettability and conditioning of hair/skin formulations

A naturally sourced renewable, biocompatible, and biodegradable material that can impart valuable benefits to cosmetic and skin care formulations.
The fibrillated cellulose is in the form of a water based hydrogel that can improve the viscosity and texture of liquid formulations (Shampoos, Conditioners, skin lotions, etc) and semi-solid formulations (creams, hair gels, scrubs, etc)

Nanocellulose based facial masks and skin patches can impart cooling skin sensation. Also it is an efficient carrier for active cosmetic ingredients either through entrapment within its 3D nano and micro fibrillar network, or by facile surface functionalization. The high water content (at least 95%) of cellulose fibrils provides strong skin moisturizing effects.
Woo-Yong Song and Soo-Jeong Shin reported that cellulose nanofibrils produced from oil palm trunk exhibited water holding properties that is better than collagen or hyaluronic acid
(Journal of Korea TAPPI. Vol. 48. No. 2, 2016, 91-98p.
Nanocellulose has strong potential to synergize and complement the effects of the cosmetic active ingredients contained within your formulations.

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