Paints and Coatings

A powerful additive to your paint and coat formulations that can improve its rheological and physical properties.
Being naturally sourced, water insoluble, and water retainer renders them highly compatible with many water-based systems, and can achieve formulations with greener footprint and lower VOC(volatile organic compounds) release.
Unlike many metallic based nanoparticles, they are non-toxic and non-abrasive to the processing equipment.

They exhibit shear thinning (thixotropic) behavior, where application of high shear reduces its viscosity and improves its spreading(paints) or sprayability(coatings). Moreover, shear removal restores the formulation's viscosity at rest without significant delay. This is critical in reducing the formulations' dripping, sagging, and in improving surface adhesion.

The 3-dimensional morphology of the fibrous network exhibits large surface-to-volume ratio for a surface rich in reactive functional groups. This significantly enhances the dispersion of added fillers(pigments, solids, etc) against sedimentation, strengthens the interactions with the polymer matrix on molecular level, and consequently improves the whole formulation's stability and mechanical properties.

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